These Posters for Mint Vinetu Bookstores are Insightful

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: & itsnicethat
The Lithuanian ad agency New recently put together a few promotional posters for its client, the Mint Vinetu bookshop chain, that illustrate how people's perception of classic novels change over time.

Most people would cite 'Catcher in the Rye' as a classic example of such shifting perceptions. In a similar vein, each poster featured here depicts an open book. The left page illustrates the view a teenager might have of a that book, while the right side depicts the perspective an adult would have of the same work.

For example, one poster focuses on Franz Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis.' The central premise of this book is that a man awakens one day to find himself transformed into a giant beetle; the poster purports that 16-year-olds will tend to takes this scenario literally, whereas a 29-year-old will understand the metaphor for the existential crises that erupt from changes in one's life (such as turning 30).