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Cognitive Novelty

Parental concern for juvenile mental health sparks demand for developmental play

Implications - As the rates for cognitive differences like autism continue to rise, toy manufacturers are responding in kind with playthings that look to directly enhance physical and mental stimulation. Particularly targeting males, the innovations place a distinct focus on correlating development with play to satisfy parental desire to combat social alienation, as the toys mimic the look and feel of traditional goods to bolster interaction.
5 Featured, 38 Examples:
226,557 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Mar 13 — Apr 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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Sci-Fi Sword Lasers
Sci-Fi Sword Lasers
This Powerful Handheld Laser Resembles a Lightsaber
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Sleek Touchscreen Cameras
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Devastating Wartorn Photography
Devastating Wartorn Photography
Giuliano Camarda Has Captured the Horrific Aftermath of War
Headlight-Lit Landscape Photography
Headlight-Lit Landscape Photography
Light Experimentation Part 3 by Benoit Paille is Luminous
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Booze-Testing Thermometers
Booze-Testing Thermometers
This Digital Wine Thermometer Ensures Your Wine is Perfect Every Time
Light-Emitting Party Dresses
Light-Emitting Party Dresses
LumiGram's Luminous Dress is Made with Fiber Optic Fabrics
Autism-Assuaging Headphones
Autism-Assuaging Headphones
The Cumulus Headphones Help Autistic Adults Deal with Crowds
Retro LEGO Time Machines
Retro LEGO Time Machines
This Diminutive DeLorean Will Have You Travelling Back in Time
LEGO-Like Slippers
LEGO-Like Slippers
Never Fear Bricks Again with This Pair of Building Block Slippers
Hyper-Realistic LEGO Strutures
Hyper-Realistic LEGO Strutures
These Realistic LEGO Structures Fit Seamlessly into Everday Life
High-Fashion LEGO Editorials
High-Fashion LEGO Editorials
These LEGO and Jewelry Photos Look Good Enough to Eat
Shark Tornado Toy Sculptures
Shark Tornado Toy Sculptures
The LEGO Sharknado by Iain Heath is Hilarious and Playful
Toddler Toy Beds
Toddler Toy Beds
Make the Transition from Baby to Tot Easy with the R Toddler Bed
play_circle_filled Delectable Building Block Photos
Delectable Building Block Photos
Vogue Gioiello’s ‘Playful Dream’ Features a Men
play_circle_filled DIY Building Block Limbs
DIY Building Block Limbs
Christina Stephens Creates Her Own Prosthetic Leg out of LEGO
play_circle_filled Multi-Faceted Puzzle Cubes
Multi-Faceted Puzzle Cubes
If You Thought the Classic Rubik’s Cube Was Tough Behold the X Cu
Giant Blocked Sushi Rolls
Giant Blocked Sushi Rolls
The LEGO Sushi Almost Looks Good Enough to Eat
Hug-Simulating Jackets
Hug-Simulating Jackets
This Hugging Jacket is Great for People Who Need Constant Affection
Upcycled Aluminum Dice
Upcycled Aluminum Dice
The Dura-Dice are Made of Solid Recycled Metal
Soothing Therapeutic Jackets
Soothing Therapeutic Jackets
The T.Jacket Hugs and Calms Autistic Children
play_circle_filled Childhood Autism Simulators
Childhood Autism Simulators
'Auti-Sim' Shows Users the World Through the Eyes of Hypersensitivity
Adorable Timber Toys
Adorable Timber Toys
These Hand-Crafted Wooden Toys by Usuals are Made From a Hazel Tree
play_circle_filled Concealed Therapy Apparel
Concealed Therapy Apparel
The Squease Vest Provides a Discreet Hug for Autistic People in Need
play_circle_filled Autistic Perception Simulations
Autistic Perception Simulations
Carly’s Cafe Offers Online Glimpse to What Having Autism Is
Austism Specific Communion Apps
Austism Specific Communion Apps
AutisMate by Specialneedsware Allows for Effective Interactions
Building Block Toning Tools
Building Block Toning Tools
'Stack-A-Doodle' Stackable LEGO Block Crayons Double the Fun of Colors
Customized Toddler Toys
Customized Toddler Toys
The Cameo by Rux Baby Rattle Features the Silhouette of Parents
Emotion-Teaching Playthings
Emotion-Teaching Playthings
Plan Toys' Build-A-Robot Targets Children with Autism
Autism Social Networking Sites
Autism Social Networking Sites
Squag Lets Autistic Teens and Tweens Safely Connect Online
Canine-Calming Attire
Canine-Calming Attire
The Thundershirt Keeps Your Pooch Calm in a Storm
Hefty Toddler Toys
Hefty Toddler Toys
The Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle is a Faux Exercise for Your Infant
Socially Skilled Specs
Socially Skilled Specs
Decipher Facial Expressions With These Social X-Ray Glasses
Sensory-Stimulating Jackets
Sensory-Stimulating Jackets
Deep Pressure Therapy was Designed to Simulate a Hug For Autistic Kids
Colorful Toy Sculptures
Colorful Toy Sculptures
Hideki Kuwajima Creates Complex Sculptures from Found Objects
Twinkling Toddler Toys
Twinkling Toddler Toys
The Twilight Turtle Creates Stars in a Child's Room
Cuddly Aromatherapy
Cuddly Aromatherapy
Hot Hugs Plushies Soothe Kids with Lavender and Chamomile
play_circle_filled Autistic Activist on YouTube
Autistic Activist on YouTube
Amanda Baggs