AutisMate by Specialneedsware Allows for Effective Interactions

 - Apr 25, 2012
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Effective communication can often be extremely difficult for autistic individuals and the AutisMate by SpecialNeedsWare has been specifically designed with the special needs that those with the condition experience in mind.

Creator Jonathan Izak originally developed the application to help his younger brother Oriel communicate and has now expanded the product to act as a therapeutic tool as well. It was designed to combat the specific challenges that autistic individuals have with language, speech, generalization and categorization by using images and video content referential to familiar locations.

Parents, caregivers or therapists can easily upload relevant content that will help the autistic individual navigate, ask for things and learn new skills while being rewarded for successfully completing the aforementioned tasks. The app takes scenes and phrases that the individual is comfortable with to allow them to more effectively communicate their needs and desires with those around them.