The T.Jacket Hugs and Calms Autistic Children

 - Apr 7, 2013
References: fashioningtech & gizmodiva
Autistic children must be treated with the utmost care, simple things like loud noises and new faces can put them in a state of distress. Added comfort is an essential component for these children to be able to cope with their challenges. These special jackets are meant to help autistic children feel more at ease and comfortable. Autism is a difficult condition that several children have to live with at an early age, and any help that can be given is greatly appreciated and needed.

The T.Jacket has an intelligent control unit embedded within the ensemble that is controlled through various smart devices like phones and tablets. Deep pressure therapy is a common practise in aiding autism, and the T.Jacket has bags built-in that can simulate a hugging sensation when the child is experiencing anxiety or distress.