Decipher Facial Expressions With These Social X-Ray Glasses

 - Jul 11, 2011
References: newscientist & jezebel
Considering the previous popularity of mood rings, scientists are working on a similar but much more advanced version of this concept with these new, high-tech social x-ray glasses. The glasses apparently read other people's expressions and transmit the information to the wearer through audio and video communication.

Using a small camera that's built into them, the social x-ray glasses decipher someone's facial expressions and recognizes whether they are "interested," "disagreeing," or "confused." They even go a step further and come equipped with a red light that goes off when it's time for the glasses-wearer to stop talking if his conversation partner appears angry.

Here's the coolest part: scientists have tried these glasses out on people with autism, who often have trouble identifying expressions. The results were impressive and some of the subjects demonstrated improved expression recognition even after they took the glasses off.

When it comes to people without autism, scientists discovered that the average person picks up on about 54% of others' expressions. With these glasses on, they picked up on about 64%.