The Thundershirt Keeps Your Pooch Calm in a Storm

 - Dec 30, 2011
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If your dog turns into a shaking, drooling mess at the slightest hint of an approaching storm, then the Thundershirt may be just what you need to calm your favorite beast. The Thundershirt is the ideal way to deal with separation, travel and noise anxiety in your fuzzy best friend. The slightly weighted vest applies gentle pressure to your dog, helping him to relax. The same technique has been applied to children with autism to help them relax and focus.

Cure incessant barking, nervous destructive behavior and help your dog find relief with the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt is the perfect reassuring hug for distressed dogs everywhere. You'll never have to deal with a pile of drool and clinging pooch every time a thunderclap is heard; the Thundershirt will help keep your household quiet and serene.

At the forefront of canine relaxation techniques, the Thundershirt will keep your pup calm, cool and collected.