These LEGO and Jewelry Photos Look Good Enough to Eat

 - Jul 16, 2013
Pairing two separate worlds such as children's toys and high fashion can seem like a difficult task; however, Vogue has done this seamlessly with its LEGO and jewelry photos. The editorial is aptly titled 'Playful Dream.' Stunning pieces from the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and Fendi have been paired with LEGO depictions.

Gorgeous plates of food are the focus of this editorial -- all of that yummy looking food is made out of LEGO. The realism that is involved with the building pieces is incredible and the plates are the perfect contrast to the expensive accessories. Vogue has been able to evoke feelings of nostalgia with the LEGO, while also making us drool over the realistic-looking food. They have successfully made these LEGO and jewelry photos look good enough to eat.