These Realistic LEGO Structures Fit Seamlessly into Everday Life

 - Jul 22, 2013
References: kontraplan
As a child, many favored building blocks because of the capacity to create and explore, and with these LEGO structures, the creativity went to making them look as realistic as possible.

Artists Nathan Sawaya and Dean West created their exhibit entitled 'In Pieces' which displays LEGO in many different ways. They have managed to replicate everyday items perfectly with LEGO. In order to demonstrate how talented they are, Sawaya and West put their creations into the actual situations where they would be typically used.

As an example, a LEGO towel is put on a hook at a pool. Another sculpture shows a lady wearing a fabulous couture dress made out of LEGO. This collection goes to show that LEGO structures can replicate real life and that hyper-realism is capable of blurring the line between fantasy and reality.