Karen Stoyanov Tomato Products Explore Digital Farming

 - Jan 5, 2013
References: 0gms & we-make-money-not-art
Kamen Stoyanov’s 'Tomato Products' depicts an interesting twist on the reverting of the virtual world back to the physical realm.

The concept of digital agriculture, introduced by Facebook’s very own FarmVille, is directly translated into the artist’s thematic project within an intended surreal setting. Stoyanov uses the famous Mackey House at West Hollywood to micro-garden tomato plants in 12 by 12 inch pots, which coincide with the size of land offered to FarmVille players.

The cleverly picked location of West Hollywood, the Mackey House and the outlook of the work space overall create a false "cinematic reality." A notion further emphasized is the contextual disparity of the glamorous Hollywood and the problematic lives of the existing inhabitants of the city that undertake the agricultural developments. Tomato Products is well thought-out as much as it is thought-provoking.