Oliver Miller Renders Book Sleeves Using Pixel Art Style

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: slacktory & slacktory
The cover art for literary classics often reflects the prestige of each novel’s contents, but Oliver Miller wasn’t going to let conventions get in the way of innovation. Seen here are his takes on cover art for Frankenstein, Gravity’s Rainbow, Moby Dick, Catch-22, Tender is the Night, The Two Towers, Lolita and more, all rendered in an 8-bit game graphics style. The minimalistic visuals downplay each book’s reputation, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading any of these masterpieces in the first place.

Oliver Miller has been crafting pixel art covers for novels for quite some time. He currently has 18 in total, with authors ranging from Franz Kafka to Theodore Dreiser. Miller admits he hasn’t read or finished some of them, but felt he could accurately articulate the general plot of each book using simple blocky graphics.

Product Source: Slacktory