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Shopping Independence

High-tech retail locations offer single shoppers a streamlined experience

Implications - Consumers often opt to shop with companions, but as daily demands rise and many shop solo, brands are offering assistance through technological innovations. This shift towards catering to the individual shopper is drawing consumers who would otherwise shop online back into stores, and offers an experience that suits their schedule.
5 Featured, 38 Examples:
139,301 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 14 — Jun 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Shopping Consultation Apps
Shopping Consultation Apps
The Fitt App Provides a Second Opinion When Shopping
The Fitt app is filled with fashion-conscious people and making the most of it is like having team of personal shoppers at the ready. Even if you’re a fairly confident shopper, it can be... MORE
Instantly Shoppable Ads
Instantly Shoppable Ads
Le Fast Shopping Lets You Scan an Ad, Buy & Receive Within 48 Hours
Online shopping is fairly convenient and fast, but the Comptoir des Cotonniers retail chain in Paris is making the process even quicker with ‘Le Fast Shopping.’ To take advantage of Fast... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Storefront Displays
Interactive Storefront Displays
+rehabstudio Integrates Shopping with Technology
Tim Rodgers, co-founder and creative partner at a creative technology company called +rehabstudio, has created adaptive storefront displays that aim to provide ease of interaction between technology... MORE
play_circle_filled Retail Recommending Booths
Retail Recommending Booths
Inspiration Corridor Offers Fashion Suggestions and Helps Locate Items
A body scanning hallway in French shopping centers can make customized fashion suggestions. The Inspiration Corridor is available in Klépierre malls in partnership with creative agency DigitasLBi... MORE
Simulated Shop Assistants
Simulated Shop Assistants
Clarins Promotes the Alien Eau Extraordinaire with a Virtual Assistant
As Clarins gears up to promote its latest opulent fragrance Alien Eau Extraordinaire, the cosmetics brand offered customers the chance to interact with simulated shopping assistants. Clarins teamed... MORE

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Related Examples

Cargo-Carrying Scooters
Cargo-Carrying Scooters
The Nimble Cargo Scooter Lets You Carry Freight While Having Fun
play_circle_filled Interactive Melting Advertisements
Interactive Melting Advertisements
Virtually Cooling McDonald's Ice Cream Ad Promises a Treat
Chemist Perfume Packaging
Chemist Perfume Packaging
Valiram Perfume Uses a Scientific Branding Aesthetic
Perfume-Like Laundry Bottles
Perfume-Like Laundry Bottles
The L'eaundry Concept Makes Laundry Products Seem Decadent
Androgynous Songster Scents
Androgynous Songster Scents
Pharrell Williams Releases His 'GIRLS' Perfume for Men and Women
Comprehensive Food Trackers
Comprehensive Food Trackers
The Wrap-Genius Food Tracker Makes More Informed Grocery Shoppers
Accessible Luxury Platforms
Accessible Luxury Platforms
The D'Luxe Shopping Platform Makes Designer Brand Names Affordable
Collaborative Vintage Retailer Forums
Collaborative Vintage Retailer Forums
The Reissued Application Features Pieces from Many Curators
Social Media Shopping Guides
Social Media Shopping Guides
The Nordstrom Pinterest Showcase Displays Popular Online Items
Mobile Retail Checkout Systems
Mobile Retail Checkout Systems
The Nordstrom Point of Sale Devices Make Shopping Faster
play_circle_filled Feel-Good Hair Campaigns
Feel-Good Hair Campaigns
Pantene Delivered Personalized Remedies for Bad Hair Day Situations
Dialogue-Oriented Shopping Platforms
Dialogue-Oriented Shopping Platforms
The Dreslyn E-commerce Site Promotes Conversational Retail
Aggregated Fashion Sales Sites
Aggregated Fashion Sales Sites
The Muchness Website Offers Discounted Apparel Posts for Shoppers
Couture Consignment Sites
Couture Consignment Sites
The Own The Couture Online Platform Offers Recycled High End Apparel
Meal-Planning Appliances
Meal-Planning Appliances
The FoodPlus Refrigerator Helps You Shop, Cook and Eat Healthily
Peculiar Plasticine Perfumes
Peculiar Plasticine Perfumes
The Demeter Play-Doh Cologne Spray Has a Unique Scent
play_circle_filled Clothing Comparison Apps
Clothing Comparison Apps
Virtusize Helps You Compare Clothing Size Online with What You Own
Swiping Fashion Retail Apps
Swiping Fashion Retail Apps
Kwoller's Fashion Price Tracking Feature Adds to a Tinder-Inspired App
play_circle_filled Social Media Shopping Carts
Social Media Shopping Carts
#AmazonCart Lets You Add Items to Checkout Later from Twitter
Personal Fragrance Finder Shops
Personal Fragrance Finder Shops
The Fragrance Lab by Selfridges Perfectly Matches You to a Perfume
play_circle_filled Futuristic Shopping Beacons
Futuristic Shopping Beacons
The ‘Estimote’ Uses Your Smartphone to Customize Your Shopping Trips
Dawdler-Distancing Mall Lanes
Dawdler-Distancing Mall Lanes
Meadowhall Mall Now Has Slow and Fast Lanes for Slow Walkers
Eco E-Commerce Rewards
Eco E-Commerce Rewards
Recyclebank and One Twine Let You Pay with Environmentally Friendly Acts
Effortless Wedding Registry Apps
Effortless Wedding Registry Apps
Zola's Couples Wedding Registry App Adds Items from Anywhere
Multi-Sampling Fragrance Lines
Multi-Sampling Fragrance Lines
Commodity Perfume's Let's Customers Try Before They Buy
Eggy Perfume Bottles
Eggy Perfume Bottles
Nymphe Fragrance Packaging Has a Natural Shape to Reference an Organic Scent
Stony Scent Branding
Stony Scent Branding
BARB Fragrance Packaging Embodies a Rugged Image to Appeal to Men
Perfume Packaged Printer Ink
Perfume Packaged Printer Ink
Design Student Celeste Watson Decided to Pakcage Ink Like Chanel No.5
play_circle_filled Interactive Car Racing Ads
Interactive Car Racing Ads
This Mazda Ad Gets a Theater Audience to Race Cars with Their Phones
Smartphone-Enabled Laser Measuring
Smartphone-Enabled Laser Measuring
The Spike is a Laser Measurement & Modelling Smartphone Tool
play_circle_filled Matrix-Inspired Mirror Displays
Matrix-Inspired Mirror Displays
This Digital Mirror Will Transform Your Hand into Numbers
Projected Culinary Technology
Projected Culinary Technology
The Smart Kitchen TV Enhances Cooking with Hi-Tech Handsfree Support
play_circle_filled Panoramic Light Installations
Panoramic Light Installations
The ‘Void’ Will Show You the Meaning of Being Empty
play_circle_filled Interactive Folk Song Videos
Interactive Folk Song Videos
The Bob Dylan Interactive Video is a Stroke of Musical Genius
Interactive Sci-Fi Magazines
Interactive Sci-Fi Magazines
The Doctor Who Adventures Interactive Experience is Out of this World
play_circle_filled Food-Scented Cabs
Food-Scented Cabs
McCain Foods Gives You a Free Ride and a Free Jacket Potato
Techy Tot Teeth Cleaners
Techy Tot Teeth Cleaners
The Orgel Toothbrush Encourages Reluctant Kids with Interactive Elements
In-Store Lingerie Dispensers
In-Store Lingerie Dispensers
This Bra Vending Machine Allows Customers to Shop Without Salespeople