Meadowhall Mall Now Has Slow and Fast Lanes for Slow Walkers

 - Apr 28, 2014
References: independent & springwise
Sheffield's Meadowhall mall has fashioned an interesting solution to deal with slow walkers. By creating two lanes within the British shopping center, pedestrians can surpass frustrating slow walkers who are known to not only walk at a glacial pace, but also tend to take up the center of a hallway. With clearly marked fushia fast and slow lanes, shoppers have a more effective manner of making their way about the mall.

On busy days, customers and rushing retail employees can be easily held up by dreaded dawdlers, idling groups and window shoppers. Instituting a divided sidewalk will likely also reduce road rage in the mall parking lot later on. This practice was put in place after Meadowhall received a complaint from a disappointed 10 year old.