This Digital Mirror Will Transform Your Hand into Numbers

 - Dec 3, 2013
References: designboom
Toronto-based design studio teehan+lax labs has recently created a digital mirror called ‘D.I.G.I.T,’ which is essentially an interactive real-time digital mirror that displays shapes in computing paradigms. It was created with 48 individual seven-segment panels. The electronic components rely on light and are more physical than regular computer monitors built in alpha-numeric form.

"The design was straightforward -- each display was controlled by its own microcontroller, and each of those was sent commands from a central microprocessor," said the design studio lab on the digital mirror.

The application in the device is installed with a camera that is able to flip the numbers on and off depending on who or what is in front of the digital mirror. There is no other cabling apart from a single 5V 4A wall plug.

Photo Credits: designboom