#AmazonCart Lets You Add Items to Checkout Later from Twitter

 - May 6, 2014
References: amazon & wearesocialmedia.gr
Amazon Cart is a new and extremely easy way to shop from Amazon without having to leave your Twitter newsfeed. After connecting your Twitter account to Amazon, whenever you see an Amazon product link on Twitter, replying with #AmazonCart will instantly add it to your Amazon shopping cart so that you can conveniently check out later.

Online retailers frequently encounter shoppers adding purchases to their cart and abandoning the cart's items altogether, but Amazon Cart seems to be ideal for consumers who have an intent to "Add it now, buy it later," right from the start. But even if you're not much of an impulse buyer, this new way to shop Amazon gives you a chance to mull over a purchase and check out the exact product link later on at your own convenience.