Le Fast Shopping Lets You Scan an Ad, Buy & Receive Within 48 Hours

Online shopping is fairly convenient and fast, but the Comptoir des Cotonniers retail chain in Paris is making the process even quicker with 'Le Fast Shopping.' To take advantage of Fast Shopping, shoppers will need to first download the PowaTag app, which lets you make secure purchases using just your phone.

Comptoir des Cotonniers boasts that it was able to set up 10,000 storefronts in just one night and in essence, they did, since you can shop from any of them. The shoppable billboards make use of Bluetooth, QR codes and JavaScript, but are more advanced in the sense that scanning an item will let you learn additional product and brand information, plus make a purchase instantaneously. After making a purchase, items ordered through Le Fast Shopping method are delivered within 48 hours.