The FoodPlus Refrigerator Helps You Shop, Cook and Eat Healthily

 - May 12, 2014
References: electroluxdesignlab & yankodesign
The designer of the FoodPlus Refrigerator knows that this standard household appliance has a great deal more potential than is generally explored currently. As an entry into the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab, Yun-Chen Tsai proposed a smart fridge that can help make your everyday eating habits healthy and effortless.

Taking the basic shape of a familiar fridge, this product would contain a cornucopia of hidden special features. Sensors inside the cold boxes keep an inventory on the contents, as well as each item's best before date, nutritional information and pesticide content. The FoodPlus Refrigerator reminds you when it's time to use an ingredient, but it also helps you keep stocked up. The concept would enable you to communicate with it through a smartphone app, notifying you about what you need when you're perusing the supermarket -- no shopping list necessary.