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Indelicate Culinary

Foodie content adopts a more raw tone

Implications - Up until this point, foodie-targeted content leaned toward instructional and domestic with a touch of glamorization. Responding to the rise in alt-foodies, more raw, masculine food-focused content can be observed. This shows the proliferation of foodie culture among the mainstream demographic.
Workshop Question - Removing all the frills from your brand, how can you position yourself in the market as a reputable, de-glamorized company?
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
252,673 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 14 — Sep 16
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Fast Food Reality Experiments
Fast Food Reality Experiments
Mediocre Films Explores If Real Food Can Look Like the Fast Food Ads
In a hilarious experiment YouTube comedy channel Mediocre Films compares fast food ads to reality. To see why fast food ads always look so much better than the food items do in person, Greg returned... MORE
play_circle_filled Rapper-Guided Training Videos
Rapper-Guided Training Videos
Burger King's Training Video for Grilled Dogs Stars Snoop Dog
Burger King adding Grilled Dogs to its menu marks one of the biggest changes from the fast food chain in years. In order to properly mark the occasion, Burger King enlisted the help of Snoop Dog for... MORE
play_circle_filled Parody Pizza Farm Ads
Parody Pizza Farm Ads
This Satire-Rich Ad Encourages Healthy Eating Habits Among Children & Youth
This humorous parody video was created by YouTube channel Funny or Die and it features funnyman Nick Offerman posing as a pizza farm owner. As Offermen strolls through the rows of pizza-growing trees,... MORE
play_circle_filled Latino Cooking Channels
Latino Cooking Channels
El Guzzi is a Latino YouTuber Who Shares Easy Mexican-American Dishes
El Guzzi is a YouTube channel run by a Latino social media star who says: “I’m just a regular guy who loves to create and make people smile.” This is evident as both food and humor... MORE
Rapping Chef Shows
Rapping Chef Shows
Action Bronson Shows Off his Culinary Skills with This New Series
VICE is known to do some pretty intense and crazy things when it comes to their content, they also love to use Action Bronson because he’s straight tup hilarious. This relationship is coming... MORE

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Flame-Grilled Hot Dogs
Flame-Grilled Hot Dogs
The Latest Burger King Dish Helps Consumers Enjoy Barbecue in Winter
Stretched-Out Cheeseburgers
Stretched-Out Cheeseburgers
This Supersized Cheeseburger Boasts Two Patties and an Extra-Long Bun
Carbonated Soda Milkshakes
Carbonated Soda Milkshakes
Burger King Releases a Creamy Dr. Pepper Blended Beverage
Piquant Chicken Fries
Piquant Chicken Fries
The New 'Jalapeno Chicken Fries' are the Latest Burger King Menu Addition
Fast Food Dessert Pies
Fast Food Dessert Pies
This Snickers Creme Pie is the Latest Addition to the Burger King's Menu
Fast Food Wasabi Condiments
Fast Food Wasabi Condiments
This Chain is Now Offering Wasabi Sauce at Its Singapore Locations
Fast Food Kitchen Tours
Fast Food Kitchen Tours
This Burger Chain is Giving Public Kitchen Tours and DIY Burger Workshops
Beer-Serving Burger Chains
Beer-Serving Burger Chains
Burger King Hopes to Serve Fast Food and Beer All Day in the UK
Pumpkin Cookie Shakes
Pumpkin Cookie Shakes
Burger King's Fall Milkshake Features a Blended Oreo Base
play_circle_filled Mexican Beauty Vloggers
Mexican Beauty Vloggers
Dulce Candy Shows Women How to Live 'The Sweet Life'
Temporary Video Effects
Temporary Video Effects
These Snapchat Video Tools Let Users Make Slow Motion and Backwards Clips
Video Cocktail Tutorial Sites
Video Cocktail Tutorial Sites
The 'Tipsy Bartender' Teaches Viewers to Make Exciting DIY Cocktails
Fitness-Focused Food Platforms
Fitness-Focused Food Platforms
The Fit Men Cook Instagram Promotes Healthy Barbecue Ideas
play_circle_filled Supermodel Cooking Classes
Supermodel Cooking Classes
Jourdan Dunn Teaches Fans About Food with Her 'How It's Dunn' Special
Transforming Robot Cakes
Transforming Robot Cakes
This Birthday Cake is Designed to Resemble Transformer Optimus Prime
play_circle_filled DIY Cartoon-Inspired Pastries
DIY Cartoon-Inspired Pastries
This Baker Fuses Hello Kitty with a Delicious Treat
play_circle_filled Culinary Blogger Campaigns
Culinary Blogger Campaigns
This Birds Eye Blogger Campaign Has Katie Bryson Remix Ordinary Dishes
Cruelty-Free Cooking Shows
Cruelty-Free Cooking Shows
Pamela Anderson's Vegan Cooking Show Makes Animal-Free Food Fun
play_circle_filled Spontaneous School Operas
Spontaneous School Operas
Scala' Stages an Impromptu Performance for Kids to Enjoy During Lunch
Gardener Cooking Clubs
Gardener Cooking Clubs
This Agape Centre Program Has Kids Cooking with Food They Harvested
play_circle_filled Child Chef Camps
Child Chef Camps
This SoFAB Cooking Camp Teaches Kids to Prepare Healthy Meals
Kid-Friendly Gardening Kits
Kid-Friendly Gardening Kits
Growums Teaches Kids to Grow Their Own Herbs and Vegetables
Charitable Fitness Bands
Charitable Fitness Bands
UNICEF's Kid Power Bands Empower Kids to Do Good for Others
Failure-Highlighting Pizza Ads
Failure-Highlighting Pizza Ads
This Print Domino's Pizza Ad Campaign Points Out Recipe Mishaps
Anti-Childhood Obesity Applications
Anti-Childhood Obesity Applications
The Kurbo Health System Helps Kids Combat Health Issues
play_circle_filled Disguised Celebrity Interviews
Disguised Celebrity Interviews
Fake Drake Finds Out What People Think of the Real Rapper
play_circle_filled Undercover Rapper Videos
Undercover Rapper Videos
Drake's I Witness News Appearance is Disguised and Hilarious
Iconic Rapper Painting Makeovers
Iconic Rapper Painting Makeovers
Blog B4XVI Compares Rap Music Artists and Famous Paintings
Historic Rapper Comparison Captures
Historic Rapper Comparison Captures
Cecilia Azcarate Draws Parallels Between Hip Hop and History
play_circle_filled Rapper Sportswear Collaborations
Rapper Sportswear Collaborations
Adidas Originals and Pharrell are Teaming Up for a Summer Line
play_circle_filled Feel-Good Homeless Pranks
Feel-Good Homeless Pranks
These Homeless People Are in for a Memorable Gourmet April Fool's Dinner
Secretive Space-Themed Albums
Secretive Space-Themed Albums
Kid Cudi Secretly Released His New Satellite Flight Album
Rapper Boyfriend Trading Cards
Rapper Boyfriend Trading Cards
These Rapper Boyfriend Trading Cards are Hilarious
Patriotic Fast Food Ads
Patriotic Fast Food Ads
This McDonald’s Olympic Ad Celebrates the Victories of the Past
play_circle_filled Hilarious Rapper Weather Forecasts
Hilarious Rapper Weather Forecasts
This Drake Weather Website Tells You the Current Forecast
play_circle_filled The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
Michelle Obama Discusses Health in This Nutritional Speech
play_circle_filled Supermarket Social Experiments
Supermarket Social Experiments
Shoppers Get Asked Odd Questions in This Supermarket Prank Video
play_circle_filled Conversation Hijacking Pranks
Conversation Hijacking Pranks
Medicore Films Confuses Callers with This Cell Phone Prank
Romantic Burger Ads
Romantic Burger Ads
The Jack in the Box 'Marry Bacon' Super Bowl Ad is Crispy and Cute
Fast Food Ad Fails
Fast Food Ad Fails
Fast Food: Ads vs Reality is a Tasty Expose of Misleading Marketing
Everlasting Burger Photography
Everlasting Burger Photography
McDonald's Happy Meal Lasts Six Months Without Decomposing
Druggie Hamburger Ads
Druggie Hamburger Ads
Childhood Obesity Commercial Takes Junk Food Too Far
Greasy Reality Graphics
Greasy Reality Graphics
Fast Food Poster Vs What's Really On Your Plate