These Homeless People Are in for a Memorable Gourmet April Fool's Dinner

The term 'April Fool's dinner' would usually conjure up images of over-salted food or pre-sliced bananas that fall apart every time you try and take a bite. But serial YouTube prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films decided to come up with an April Fool's dinner prank that's purely positive -- he organized a prank in which homeless people were unexpectedly treated to a 5-star gourmet dinner. The prank is part of the 'Prank it Fwd' campaign in which positive and uplifting pranks are pulled on people.

Benson and his team converted the Asceciaca homeless shelter in Glendale, California into a 5-star restaurant. A group of 50 homeless people were blown away when they shuffled into what they thought was a depressing old homeless shelter for a soup-and-bread meal, only to find themselves in a fine dining restaurant complete with black-tie waiters, classical music and a filet mignon steak dinner. For these homeless people, it was an April Fool's dinner they'll never forget.