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Bartering Branding

Companies are turning to alternative giveaways to promote products

Implications - Vending machines and similar projects that allow consumers to trade things other than money for goods not only create a memorable experience, but a branding opportunity as well. Having people trade social media sharing for a product doubles as promotional material, due to the novel approach to distribution.
6 Featured, 42 Examples:
321,688 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Dec 12 — Nov 13

Featured Examples

Facial Recognition Snack Machines
Facial Recognition Snack Machines
This Facial Recognition Vending Machine Personalizes Purchases
The Sap Hana-powered facial recognition vending machine not only remembers returning customers, but is also capable of recommending personalized purchases. The smart vending machine has a... MORE
play_circle_filled Social-Powered Vending Machines
Social-Powered Vending Machines
The Pepsi 'Like Machine' Dispenses Sodas for Likes
Instead of taking cash, the Pepsi ‘Like Machine’ accepts Facebook likes as payment. People who liked the Pepsi page received a free soda from the machine. The machine works by... MORE
play_circle_filled Tweeting Clothes Dispensers
Tweeting Clothes Dispensers
Billboard Vending Machines Award Tweeters Who Compete for Soft Shirts
Exchanging Tweets for food and breakfast are becoming more popular, and men’s clothing retailer Allen Solly has paired up with ad agency Oglivy India to create one the world’s first... MORE
play_circle_filled Yawn-Activated Vending Machines
Yawn-Activated Vending Machines
Douwe Egberts' Coffee Machine is Clever Marketing
Douwe Egberts, a South African coffee company, came up with a incredibly clever marketing campaign; a coffee vending machine that uses facial recognition to detect when a person yawns in order to... MORE
Friendship-Powered Vending Machines
Friendship-Powered Vending Machines
The Milka Vending Machine Releases Treats When Hands are Held
Milka, a Swiss chocolate brand, is sharing the love again by offering free chocolate when strangers hold hands. In Argentina, a vending machine was placed in a public location with a Milka cow in... MORE
play_circle_filled Break-Encouraging Vending Machines
Break-Encouraging Vending Machines
This Beer Vending Machine Rewards Patrons Who Do Nothing
The Amstel Pause beer vending machine requires you to do nothing. To receive a free beer, all one has to do is press a button and wait three minutes. After the full three minutes has passed, a cold... MORE

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Decadent Hazelnut Hybrid Desserts
Decadent Hazelnut Hybrid Desserts
This Chocolate Treat Features an Entire Jar of Nutella
play_circle_filled Unique Vending Machines
Unique Vending Machines
These Futuristic Vending Machines Might Revolutionize the Service Industry
play_circle_filled Sweet-Sharing Promotions
Sweet-Sharing Promotions
MILKA Helps People Show Love by Sharing the Last Square of Chocolate
French Fry Vending Machines
French Fry Vending Machines
Patrons Can Enjoy a Fresh Serving of Fries in Just 90 Seconds Flat
play_circle_filled Portable Drinking Game Tables
Portable Drinking Game Tables
The Adaptable Puzzle Pong Table is Designed for Pool Beer Pong
Beer Brand Travel Experiments
Beer Brand Travel Experiments
Departure Roulette Participants Board Plane to Unkown Places
Exploding Ink Security Tags
Exploding Ink Security Tags
Anti-Theft Collar Prevents Petty Theft from Bar Patrons
play_circle_filled Beer-Pouring Headsets
Beer-Pouring Headsets
The Extra Cold Mind Reader Rewards Drinkers with a Full Glass
Pee-Powered Slot Machines
Pee-Powered Slot Machines
The Jackflush Urinal Slot Machine Rewards Men for Flushing with Beer
play_circle_filled Meow-Powered Vending Machines
Meow-Powered Vending Machines
A Bizarre Vending Machine called Miaukomat Lets You Pay with a Meow
Gourmet Vending Machines
Gourmet Vending Machines
Berlin's 24/7 Automat Vends Everything from Champagne to Stroopwaffles
Passport-Activated Beer Fridges
Passport-Activated Beer Fridges
Molson Brings Back Its 'I Am Canadian' Tagline for a New Campaign
Pot Product Vending Machines
Pot Product Vending Machines
Medbox Has Created a Machine Where Licensed Pot Can be Dispensed
Bicycle-Repairing Vending Machines
Bicycle-Repairing Vending Machines
Cyclists Can Buy Bike Parts Using Express Biker's Kiosks
Upcycled Gondola Vending Machines
Upcycled Gondola Vending Machines
The 'Vending Machine' is a Giant Dispenser of Rubber Balls
play_circle_filled Phone-Incarcerating Beer Ads
Phone-Incarcerating Beer Ads
The 'Amstel Safe' Campaign Gave Beer to Those with Locked Up Phones
play_circle_filled Conflict-Resolving Pop Machines
Conflict-Resolving Pop Machines
Coca-Cola's 'Small World Machines' Connects Indians and Pakistanis
Realistic Princess Depictions
Realistic Princess Depictions
Modern Disney Heroines by Alana May Features Modern Day Princesses
Slim Vending Machines
Slim Vending Machines
The Diet Coke Slender Vender is the Thinnest in the World
play_circle_filled Robotic Vending Machine Thieves
Robotic Vending Machine Thieves
This Robotic Device is Designed to Steal from Vending Machines
play_circle_filled Cute Canine Snack Machines
Cute Canine Snack Machines
Bakers Have Created the World's First Vending Machine for Dogs
Pop Culture-Printed Sweaters
Pop Culture-Printed Sweaters
Belovedshirts' Line of Clothing Features Big and Bold Imagery
play_circle_filled Friendship-Testing Beer Ads
Friendship-Testing Beer Ads
This Carlsberg Commercial Puts Friendships to the Test
Meta Food Catching Machines
Meta Food Catching Machines
Lobster Zone's Lobster Claw Game Lets You Catch Your Dinner
play_circle_filled 3D Printing Vending Machines
3D Printing Vending Machines
Customized 3D Printing is in Vending Machine Form Thanks to Dreambox
Social Media-Powered Concerts
Social Media-Powered Concerts
The Doritos Boldstage Will Change the Show Based on Viewer Tweets
play_circle_filled Booze-Dispensing Soda Machines
Booze-Dispensing Soda Machines
A DC Area Pepsi Machine Was Rigged to Sell Liquor Instead of Pop
Computer Vending Machines
Computer Vending Machines
Laptops Anytime Lends Out Macbooks at Philadelphia’s Drexel Univer
Karaoke-Inducing Cola Machines
Karaoke-Inducing Cola Machines
The Coca Cola Interactive Vending Machine Gives Gifts for Songs
Luxury Vending Machines
Luxury Vending Machines
Beverly Hills Caviar Releases Lavish Food
Interactive Pop Dispensers
Interactive Pop Dispensers
The Koolatron Soda Vending Fridge is a Playful Drink Cooler
play_circle_filled Gift-Giving Drink Dispensers
Gift-Giving Drink Dispensers
The Pepsi Vending Machine Gets Gives the Gift of Soda this Holiday
Best-Selling Candy Infographics
Best-Selling Candy Infographics
This Halloween Serve the Top Six Best-Selling Candies in the World
Dancing Soda Dispensers
Dancing Soda Dispensers
The Coke Dance Vending Machine Rewards Participants for Dancing in Public
Charitable Artwork Dispensers
Charitable Artwork Dispensers
The Vending Machines by Wieden + Kennedy Raise Money for Schools
play_circle_filled Worldwide Gift-Giving Ads
Worldwide Gift-Giving Ads
The 'Hilltop Re-Imagined for Coca Cola' Ad Modernizes an Old Commercial
play_circle_filled Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
Tweet-Enabled Treat Dispensers
The BEV Twitter Vending Machine Trades Hash Tags for Iced Tea
play_circle_filled Accessible Vending Devices
Accessible Vending Devices
The Hand Cranked Vending Machine is Disaster Proof and Eco-Friendly
Fishy Food Dispensers
Fishy Food Dispensers
Spain Introduces the World's First Seafood Vending Machine
Wi-Fi Drink Dispensers
Wi-Fi Drink Dispensers
Asahi Beverages Rolls Out Vending Machines That Provide Internet Access
Satirical Beer Ads
Satirical Beer Ads
Breckenridge Brewery Says "If You Touch it and it's Cold, Then it's Cold"
Post-Apocalyptic Vegetable Farms
Post-Apocalyptic Vegetable Farms
Lettuce-Growing Vending Machine Produces Sunless Salad Greens