Breckenridge Brewery Says "If You Touch it and it's Cold, Then it's Cold"

 - May 31, 2011
References: breckbrew & laughingsquid
Breckenridge Brewery strikes back against the wave of ridiculous beer marketing strategies with its latest 16-second spot titled "If You Touch it and it's Cold, Then it's Cold." The ad takes aim at temperature-sensitive packaging, most recently seen with the cold-activated bottles and cans from Coors Light and Busch Light. These temperature-sensitive bottles change colors when the beer is chilled properly -- a gimmick that the Colorado brewery is taking a stand against.

The Breckenridge Brewery ad proclaims the brand's "proprietary cold activation system." Just touch the side of the beer; if the bottle is cold, the beer inside is also cold. This satirical ad spot has won the favor of the YouTube community; commenter Oberlepa wrote, "I love it when BS technology is called out."