The Jackflush Urinal Slot Machine Rewards Men for Flushing with Beer

The JackFlush campaign from Brahva Beer encouraged men to flush in the washroom through a urinal slot machine. Inspired by the addictive power of gambling, the urinal rewards men who flush with a free slot machine spin.

Players have the chance to win free Brahva beer and merchandise from the slot machine by pressing the lever that flushes the urinal. If players win, the machine gives out a winning code that corresponds to the prize. In order to collect their prize, players had to tweet the code. Two hostesses outside the washroom waited to award prizes.

Ad agency el taier/Tribu DDB designed JackFlush in order to increase awareness for Brahva Beer. Engaging with customers in a bizarre and innovative way while solving a social problem drove home Brahva's feel-good branding.