Anti-Theft Collar Prevents Petty Theft from Bar Patrons

 - Jul 14, 2013
References: kopparberg & psfk
You know those ink security tags on clothing, designed to punish and prevent shoplifters? Cider-maker Kopparberg developed a new device to dissuade thieves from taking their logo print pint classes. Similarly made of ink, the Kopparberg security collar explodes with ink when it's more than 100 meters from the bar.

The prominent black loss prevention device reads "I know it rocks, but please don't steal it." Head of Marketing Rob Calder said, "Obviously it's nice to see customers cherishing the new Kopparberg glass so much, but unfortunately we're struggling to meet demand from bars that need to replace their glassware because of so many getting nicked."

The ink security tags are not meant to punish patrons, as there is a standing amnesty arrangement as long as the pint glasses are returned. Currently the collars are being tested at Jaguar Shoes Bar in East London.