These Futuristic Vending Machines Might Revolutionize the Service Industry

 - Sep 3, 2013
References: youtube
While traditional vending machines might not be the most interesting way to grab a snack, Trend Hunter editor Jaime Neely has found five unique vending machines that are on their way to completely revolutionizing the vending experience.

Jaime's favorite vending machine is the Swap-O-Matic, which lets users place an item inside the machine. The machine surveys the item, and gives the user a certain amount of credits. Using these credits, the user can then pick out a different item to take home. This encourages recycling and upcycling, promoting green living and eco-friendly consumerism, making it a futuristic vending machine through and through.

Another of Jaime's favorite machines is a facial recognition machine from Asia. This machine analyzes the user's facial features, taking into account things like age, complexion, and gender, then chooses an item based on the user's demographic -- and these items aren't your traditional chocolate bar, as Jaime points out. This machine sells high-end products, like cosmetics and liquor, based entirely on the user's facial features.

These unique vending machines are indicative of an ever-approaching, technology-driven future. With advancements like facial recognition, WiFi-connected vending machines, and even machines that hook up to the user's Twitter account, it's clear that the future has arrived, and is becoming more convenient and automated than ever before.