- May 19, 2019
This list of May 2019 Business innovations ranges from promotional music playlists to enhanced social media engagements, highlighting all the various ways in which businesses are continuing to become more consumer-centric.

Standouts from this month's list include Spotify, as the music streaming service continues to expand while promoting itself in unique ways. This month, Spotify tapped agency Leo Burnett to create a video to celebrate its launch in India. In addition, the platform curated playlists that help with typical day-to-day issues, like not getting enough sleep or needing motivation.

Meanwhile, H&R Block introduced a fun social media campaign to help consumers get through tax season, while aligning the brand with ease and convenience. The campaign, dubbed Tax Day Relax Day, featured a live stream of a sloth, which served as an attempt to correct feelings of anxiety and stress.

From Sloth Streaming Events to Curated Musical Playlists: