WePark Offers Low-Cost Temporary Outdoor Working Spaces

 - May 2, 2019
References: wepark.us & fastcompany
There's certainly no shortage of co-working spaces in San Francisco but WePark is now offering a unique new, low-cost option for freelancers and those who work remotely. While the majority of these spaces are situated indoors, WePark sets itself apart as an outdoor option in an unconventional location—parking spaces.

WePark asks: "What if we used parking for… anything else?" and caters to people who are tired from working from coffee shops or their own home space, and cannot afford the regular costs of co-working memberships. As San Francisco is a city where apartments are already expensive, going to spend a day in a co-working facility is a luxury that some simply cannot afford. WePark gives people a temporary place to work for just $2.75 an hour.