- Mar 24, 2018
The New Year has brought a handful of new ideas to help businesses push various products and services, and this list of March 2018 marketing trends touch on just a few.

This month, Musicbed deviated form the standard one-size-fits-all concept of advertising to create a hyper-targeted campaign that called out individual consumers. In doing this, Musicbed effectively highlighted a collection of industry creatives who represent the company's ideal consumer. Other companies, like Doritos, leveraged humor to grab the attention of its consumers as after Valentine's Day, the chip company released a spoof double-headed sweater that promoted its new flavor offerings.

Other notable marketing efforts included in this list are Dr. Oetker's all-chocolate pop-up in Toronto, Diesel's branded knockoff store entitled "Deisel" and Toyota's Multi-Sensory Print Ad, which came complete with real-time heart monitor.

From Unbranded Ads to All-Chocolate Pop-Ups: