- Jan 18, 2013
As evidenced by these commercial trends, the information age calls for ads to be made with the Internet in mind. Media consumption habits were flipped on their head in 2012, as consumers started watching TV on the Internet, browsed the Internet on their TVs and only ate meals they could proudly post on Instagram.

Smart companies and ad agencies filled with talent took advantage of this change in 2012, creating commercials, such as the iconic editor style raps featuring Anna Dello Russo for H&M, that were made with the intention of going viral on the Web. Other amazing examples include undead auto ads and 90s sitcom flashback campaigns.

Ultimately, the angles haven't changed too much -- nostalgia, goofiness and emotional appeal still are prominent in commercials -- but the execution is much different. To get more familiar with the patterns and fads seen in the commercials of 2012, check out Trend Hunter's Commercial Trend Report.

From Unemployment-Praising Ads to Infomercial Mockery: