The DirecTV 'What, Why, When, How' Spot is Side-Splitting

 - Jul 31, 2012
References: youtube & adverblog
The DirecTV 'What/Why/When & How' spot features a quirky John Cleese as its leading man in a quick-paced short.

Though there is supposedely no such thing as a stupid question, the spot shows there is in fact such a thing as too many questions. Cleese is seen incessantly asking 'Who, What Where When Why and How' throughout the commercial -- all in a ridiculously penetrating tone and set against totally random backdrops.

Creativity is key when it comes to a commercial's execution. With the viral potential of videos nowadays, a really great one could make a world of difference. After the release of Old Spice's 'The Man Your Man Could Smell like,' many companies found themselves scrambling to create a character and persona that would evoke a similar reaction.

This DIRECT TV ad is an example of such an ad that hopes to gain wide audience attention.