- Jan 25, 2013
Junk food commercials are often some of the funnest ads on television. They're usually marketed towards a younger audience and, as such, are humorous or even edgy.

A large number of these junk food commercials come from Coca-Cola. The soda giant is well renowned for its advertising innovations. The classic Coca-Cola polar bears make more than one appearance. One such advertisement is actually a short film, which reflects the company's use of digital marketing platforms like YouTube where its commercials are no longer limited to 30-second television slots.

Also prevalent in these junk food commercials is McDonald's. One McDonald's commercial shows a plethora of conversations happening around McCafe coffee in an effort to promote the restaurant as a hub for social activity. Lastly, there are more than a few chocolate bar ads, which pretty much covers all the basic junk foods: soda, fast food & candy.

From McDonald's Coffee Sharing Ads to Coca-Cola Polar Bear Commercials: