The Skittles Touch Commercials Reward Viewer Participation

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: youtube & youtube
As the narrator for the new 'Skittles Touch' ad campaign instructs, "touch the rainbow, seriously, put your finger on the screen," the new commercial encourages viewers to break the fourth wall and interact with the comical commercial.

Several variations of the commercials are currently circulating the Internet including ones with a baby werewolf, Sasquatch-dressed midgets and a cyclops Doctor to name a few. The company has a long history of infusing surreal imagery and humor into their advertisements and now with the Skittles Touch ads, users themselves are included within the comically absurd reality depicted in the commercial.

These clips will likely mark a turning point for consumer-interactive advertisement. As seen in the Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club ad campaigns, humor is an effective and light-hearted approach towards promoting a quality product that deserves recognition.