The Coca-Cola Walls Commercial Will Get You Grooving

The Coca-Cola Walls commercial is sure to get you grooving along with the band One Night Only’s song Can You Feel It. One Night Only developed the song for Coke’s new global music program called Coca-Cola Music. Coke explains that the upcoming music program "will give teen fans the inside track on the creation of music and the opportunity to view the industryʼs leading artists at work." The hyped-up commercial is bound to get people excited about this new venture.

Coca-Cola states that the Coca-Cola Walls commercial "brings to life the sacred teenage ritual of grabbing a Coke, cranking up the stereo and enjoying a moment of release through music at the end of their day." The commercial is fun, bubbly and has a feel-good vibe that will make you want to watch it over and over. I'm sure that the new band One Night Only will have great success from being a part of the Coca-Cola Music program.