- Jul 31, 2013
With so many different brands and products available on shelves to choose from, retailers are constantly competing to draw in new buyers, and these bold branding examples are showcasing some of the vibrant and eye-catching designs and methods businesses are using.

Showcasing a brand's name and logo is simply not enough to capture a consumer's attention in this modern day and age. That's why marketers are thinking outside-the-box to create whimsical themes and humorous references that people will be able to easily associate with that particular product. From graffiti fragrance bottles to graphic dessert merchandizing, these bold branding examples are showcasing that retailers have to provide more than just a simple graphic in order to attract potential buyers.

Sure to stand out amongst the sea of other similar products, these boldly branded items will certainly have consumers stopping to take a closer look.

From Bacon-Branded Vino to Candid Seafood Branding: