Croftgate Packaging Flaunts a Bright Face Compared to Competing Products

Car care solutions are the sort of items one can purchase at the hardware store, which is a place that appears to graphic designers in their nightmares. Interestingly, Croftgate packaging does not express the same dull and underwhelmingly developed brand identity that many of its competing concoctions share.

Firstly, the charcoal-colored labels on each squirt bottle incorporate elegant leafy watermarks, clean typesetting, the royal crest logo and vivid infusions of color. The cyan, magenta and lemon neon tints that the containers emit communicate a vibrancy would have each of these items looking as if they're leaping right from the shelves. The Birdsong Gregory Croftgate packaging design makes these car wash solutions seem too upmarket to appear anywhere but at boutique automotive retailers.