From Prismic Liquor Branding to Rotating Mannequin Displays

 - Mar 13, 2014
The neon branding craze is a perfect example of how interesting it can be to monitor the cyclical nature of marketing. Taking the colorful neon hues of the signage of yesteryear and transplanting it on common brands has created an eye-catching effect.

When this strategy is employed with the drive for minimalist branding, a vibrant neon hue with a simple background makes packaging literally jump off the shelves. Talk about a win-win for companies looking not only to drive sales, but to also increase brand awareness through expressive packaging.

Neon branding is not only for the Las Vegas strip anymore. It's showing up on everything from car care products to various meat packages at a grocery store. There is a decidedly hip feel to the strategy that is sure to place the brand top-of-mind in the eyes of millennials.