Advertisements for Sulamérica Paradiso Retrofy Browser Logos

Rádio Sulamérica Paradiso's campaign to promote its music website has music clubs branded with giant neon browser signs. Each ad has the caption "Music has a new stage." The ads imply that the new music halls and audio clubs are on the Internet. Specifically, the newest platform for music is now at Sulamérica Paradiso.

Each neon signs has a browser logo retrofied with vibrant lights. The 'Firefox Music Hall's' sign is composed of rows of orange incandescent lights with the music hall's name stretched across its center. The 'Chrome Audio Club' sign is a little sleeker. The body of the logo juts out from a building and is composed of layered fluorescent lights. Perhaps the most grandiose sign, the 'Internet Explorer Show' covers an entire building but is filled with blue incandescent lights.