Parker Williams Crafts Side-Splitting Branding for Tesco

Big brand Tesco enlisted the creative help of design firm Parker Williams to craft packaging for the company's new line of snack foods entitled Llama's. The whole-wheat crisps come in a collection of intriguing varieties like BBQ and Sweet Chili. Parker Williams favored cartoon-esque packaging championed by an arrogant llama that considers himself to be "a llama of great gastronomy." If this enough to induce a fit of giggles, hold on, because there are a collection of hilarious accents on this punchy package.

From the "BAAAaaaHHH code" to the llama's distain for potatoes, this bold branding is sure to tickle your funny bone. There is nothing funnier than a scarf-wearing llama on a mission to rid the world of boring snacks, so how could you not reach for a pack? The comical mood of the copy is rounded out with the use of a comic book-stye palette and wonky typography.

Loaded with personality and good humor, Llama's snack packaging proves no one can say no to a grumpy llama.