Ravioli 'Uralskaya Metelitsa' by Brand-B is Deliciously Inviting

 - Jul 1, 2011
References: brand-b.ru & thedieline
The way in which a company chooses to brand and market its product can make or brake its sales and the packaging for Ravioli 'Uralskaya Metelitsa' is a suitable example of what companies should do. The packaging for this Russian food brand, depicts a variety of scenarios and situations during which different characters are enjoying the product. Part of the packaging for Ravioli 'Uralskaya Metelitsa' uses a translucent material that is meant both as part of the design of the picture and to showcase the product itself.

The packaging depicts the pasta as part of the ocean, a river, a cup of steaming tea, an instrument and as a bowl of soup. The colors are vibrant and the faces of the characters smiling and happy.

Implications - Consumers are easily drawn to products with which they feel at ease or a sense of familiarity. Businesses that are able to create products with which consumers can create a personal relation will benefit tremendously.