Made in Brooklyn Produce Packaging Celebrates the Fertility of New York

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: packagingoftheworld
An unusual approach was taken to designing Made in Brooklyn produce packaging that integrates faces in an unexpected way. It isn't uncommon for people to be represented on product wrappers; however, they're typically the mascots of the brand.

You'll see images of Spike Lee, Woody Allen and other Brooklyn-made stars on the envelopes that label and protect goods like broccoli, cabbage and carrots. Their faces have been filtered for vibrant two-tone effects with the short-form of BKLN imposed on top.

The other sides of the cartons and stickers feature pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge. Designer Federico Zuleta Rios aimed to make it impossible not to know the origin of the edibles within Made in Brooklyn produce packaging, which would be locally grown in a suburban rooftop garden.