Apotek Hjartat Packaging Has Been Designed to Pop Off of the Shelf

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: bvd.se & packagingoftheworld
One of the ways to get a retail item into a customer's hand is to make it seem like it's launching itself at them. Apotek Hjartat packaging makes use of bold colors and punchy shapes so that this line of products appears to leap right off the shelf.

BVD of Sweden took on the enormous task of rebranding the entire collection of products, ranging from shampoos and body washes to First Aid gauze and medications. The goods all had to present themselves as distinctive and illustrative of their purposes, yet it was necessary to have consistency among the visual identities of all of them. The iconic heart shape is present on every single bag, bottle and box of Apotek Hjartat packaging, and so is the presence of at least one vibrant color.