The Coca-Cola '100-Year-Old Man Shares the Secret to Happiness' Ad

 - Jan 17, 2012
References: adobomagazine & brandchannel
With its '100-Year-Old Man Shares the Secret to Happiness' ad, Coca-Cola has yet again created a commercial that gets to the core of consumer emotion. The ad, which launched in the Philippines on Jan. 6, features a 100-year-old Filipino man, referred to as Lolo Mario, who takes a trip to see his newborn great granddaughter.

Throughout the '100-Year-Old Man Shares the Secret to Happiness' commercial, Lolo Mario narrates how blessed he is to have friends and family and how he has lived happily throughout his 100 years. Since time flies by so quickly, Mario advises, "Don't waste it on nonsense." He also goes on to say, "Happiness is your birthright. Your friends and family will help you find it." The ad ends with Mario sharing Coca-Cola with his family as they celebrate life and their loved ones.