From Romantic Burger Ads to Mythical Fast Food Burgers

 - Jul 17, 2013
With the amount of fast food chains available to consumers, differentiating a simple product such as a hamburger from other mainstream competitors can be difficult, but these comical burger campaigns are utilizing humorous and inventive techniques to draw in buyers.

Advertising methods have evolved substantially over the years, with the most prominent change being that retailers have to market more than just the product itself, but rather they have to sell an overall theme or picture to the target audience. By utilizing comical and humorous references in these print ads and commercials, fast food companies are able to portray a more light-hearted theme to these products, allowing people to easily recognize and distinguish the brand from others.

From hamburger eyeshadow adverts to burger-shaped pet bowl ads, these comical campaigns will surely have audiences craving a bite of these delectable fast food snacks.