The C&A Facebook Hangers Provide Mass Feedback to Shoppers

 - May 7, 2012
References: & adverblog
In a clever approach to bridging the offline retail industry with the online social media force, Brazillian clothing retailer C&A has introduced some very 'likable' Facebook hangers in their stores.

Acknowledging that many shoppers seek a second opinion when shopping for fashion, the retailer teamed up with DM9/DDB to integrate incredibly feedback-heavy hangers into their stores. To pull this off, C&A posted pictures of its in-store items to its Facebook page and hooked the amount of 'likes' each product receives to each item's respective hanger. The amount of likes is posted clearly on each hanger, leaving little doubt for customers in search of opinions.

Albeit gimmicky, the Facebook hangers are cutting-edge and show that C&A is certainly in tune with customer's needs and interests. Integrating social media into the actual store and not just the marketing of products, is an ingenious way to draw attention to the brand.