From 3D Retail Shopping Walls to Virtual Fashion Sampling

 - Jul 16, 2013
With young consumers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, tween-targeted sales strategies have become extremely important. Reaching the tween demographic using traditional techniques is often ineffective so retailers have found a way to connect through technology and social media. This list contains social-powered retail innovations and technology-driven strategies that are targeted towards youth.

The prevalence of social media has given retailers an opportunity to transform virtual shopping into an interactive experience. Products such as social media shopping catalogs and personalized virtual boutiques allow young tech-inclined shoppers to turn online shopping into a social activity. As a result, young consumers like tweens are more likely to engage with online brands and make more online purchases.

In addition to augmenting the online experience, retailers have begun enhancing the physical one for younger shoppers. Technological additions such as opinionated clothing holders and 3D retail shopping walls make retail more accessible for tweens.