Applegate Farms' 'What's In Your Hot Dog?' Ads Promote All-Natural Meat

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: applegatefarms & adweek
If you've never considered what you're actually consuming when you eat meat, the Applegate Farms' 'What's In Your Hot Dog?' campaign will definitely make you think twice before you shove that hot dog in your mouth.

Applegate Farms, a brand that produces all-natural, organic meat products, has released this series of funny commercials, featuring men dressed in cow costumes. Each "cow" speaks to a concerned mom regarding his drug history. For example, the commercial shown here is about "Mooscles," a muscular bovine who is being interviewed by a mom but denies that he has ever used growth hormones. Another ad features an antsy cow who, after asking if the mom is a cop, admits that he is on "loads of stuff" and then gets the door slammed in his face. Visit AdWeek to see all of the funny Applegate Farms ads, which were created by the agency Taxi.