From Chewy Business Card Alternatives to Braised Beef Sandwiches

 - Apr 8, 2014
Smoked meat innovation offers new ways to enjoy a classic food. A delicious practice hailing from prehistoric Caribbean natives, smoked meat has remained a delicacy in contemporary society. Now, there's always the logic: why mess with a good thing? However, technological advancement and inventive thinking has allowed us to enhance, savor and appreciate smoked meat more than ever before.

Cannabis and whisky-infused jerky, for instance, offer new, exciting flavors for us to indulge in. Meat Hook's Highland Park-Infused Jerky offers the refined, gourmet taste of a high-brow spirit, while 'Reef Jerky' is a delicious fusion of two very different types of smoking.

Even if you're a traditional type of guy or gal, these innovations are surely worth a taste! Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of food creativity.