Spill-Proof Beer by Hahn Puts an End to Wasted Alcohol

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: youtube & bitrebels
Hahn has released a commercial in which the company introduces its concept for Spill-Proof Beer. People in crowded bars are often bumped while moving through crowds, resulting in their beverage spilling everywhere. Hahn said no more and took initiative to solve a classic bar problem.

As one can see from the short video, the device works by attaching a harness to one's body that has a mechanical arm sticking out of it. Even if the person wearing the device dances or gets knocked, the arm doesn't move, keeping the beer full to the brim.

It's hard to tell from this small preview if Spill-Proof Beer is a real invention or just a clever marketing idea by Hahn; hopefully it's both.