- Nov 24, 2014
These retail coupon innovations range from sun-activated coupons to customer-rewarding apps that are linked with some of today's most popular social media platforms.

Coupons and rewards are always beneficial for big brands that are aiming to leave a lasting impression on their target consumer. Great coupon innovations from this list include Instagram-connected apps like SnapMyAd. The mobile app connects big brands with Instagram users who are rewarded after snapping a picture of a specific company's product. SnapMyAd is a favorite among millennial consumers who are able to benefit from their time spent on social media.

Other great examples from this list include an interactive Easter Egg Hunt that was set up for guests of the Thompson Hotel in Chicago. The hunt was a hit among guests with smaller children and featured prizes, rewards and coupons that were hidden in golden eggs, scattered throughout the hotel.

From Sun-Activated Coupons to Customer-Rewarding Apps: