AllOurPower Provides Fair Prices on Goods and Services

 - Jul 19, 2012
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'Extreme couponing' has become a popular trend with consumers looking to save a few bucks on their purchases and AllOurPower has committed to providing its members with discounts on goods and services not just once, but every day and all of the time.

Numerous online discount providers have been cropping up across the web, leveraging consumer buying power to provide one-off deals on products and services. AllOurPower however, is geared toward taking that strategy a step further by not only offering fair prices on a selected item each day or week, but rather, also offering its clients discounts each time an item is purchased -- regardless of when it is bought.

By offering more than just 'limited time only' deals, the company puts buying power back into the hands of the consumer by working with retailers who want to give their clientele reasonable prices beyond a one-time discount -- creating a rapport between the retailer and the shopper that is beneficial to both parties.

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