Buy a Round of Beer for Your Twitter Friends with Tweet-A-Beer

 - Mar 12, 2012
References: tweet-a-beer & thestar
A new mobile app, Tweet-A-Beer, now allows you to treat your friend to a beer! The Tweet-A-Beer app was developed by 'tenfour' and Waggener Edstorm, and has debuted at the SXSW at Austin, Texas.

This app works only if both the treater and the friend have a Twitter and a Paypal account. Since it is still physically not possible to send a chilled beer over the internet, this app powered by Chirpify (a Twitter payment app), allows you to do the next best thing. When you Tweet-A-Beer, you transfer USD 5 into the Paypal account of your friend. You can also add the name, place and time of the pub you would want to get together at, to make good on your offer.

This app is like an online gift card for beer. Now you can treat your friends to a beer anytime you want, even your out-of-town friends!