The Mammoth Modern Insulation Prince Nikolai Advert Uses the Cat Meme

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: & adweek
2012 has been a massive year for cats on the Internet, and the latest ad from New Zealand's Mammoth Modern Insulation capitalizes on that fact in comedic style.

The Mammoth Modern Insulation commercial features a delectably regal cat named Prince Nikolai Stroganov III, who, like many of us, relishes the warmth in the winter. We see Prince Nikolai as the king of the castle, knocking over vases, licking his private parts, proudly drinking from the toilet and referring to his owners as his "servants."

The Mammoth Modern Insulation is a fantastic example of how a company can benefit from adapting a popular Internet meme without beating the concept into the ground, or making it apparent that they're pandering to the whims of the Internet crowd.

This Mammoth Modern Insulation commercial is the first in a series of ads that have just recently gone live. Judging solely from the charm of the first one, Mammoth Modern Insulation is well on its way to a successful viral campaign.